To get started, select the Theta product that accomodates the shoes you wear.

  • Standard Theta Orthotics

    Choose this CUSTOM orthotic if you mostly wear casual shoes with removable in-liners. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition that is causing disabling pain that now limits your activity, this is my most cost effective treatment product.

  • Dress Theta Orthotics

    Choose this CUSTOM orthotic if you intend to wear both dress and casual shoes. If disabling pain due to a chronic medical condition limits your activity, this treatment product permits full time use in most all shoe types.

  • Premium Theta Orthotics

    Choose this CUSTOM orthotic if you wear casual shoes with and without removable in-liners. If disabling pain limits your ability to walk and stand, this is my best custom treatment product.

  • Propulsive Stage Theta (PST)

    Choose this NON-custom product if you need or want to use footwear that are open in the back and won’t retain a custom orthotic.

  • Premium Theta Insoles

    Choose this NON-custom Theta Insole if you wear casual shoes, and if you only want a little help, without creating a lot of change to your gait.

  • Return Policy

    This page identifies my policy should you choose to return either your custom or non-custom Theta treatment products.

    Subsequent Order Page

    Place your order on this page if you are an existing Theta patient who already knows the Theta prescription that they want.

    Research Participation Agreement

    Place your new patient order on this page if you want to participate in my research to guarantee that your custom treatment is successful.