A consistently accurate measurement technique for Tibial Varum is conducted with placement of the knee on the horizontal, insured by anterior to posterior saggital plane motion of this ginglamus joint.Theta-Orthotics research documents approximately 20 degrees of varus angulation in the human Tibia.

measurement technique for tibial varummri_knee

The frontal plane difference between the horizontal plane and the transverse plane of the ankle mortice equals the Tibial Varum. A varus wedge between the ground and the foot equal to the frontal plane curvature is necessary to fully compensate for the angular deformity and permit normal foot ankle and knee function.

This curvature, commonly known as Bow Legs, can be measured in everyone.

a_ankle_jointThis curvature in the bones of the lower leg is easily observed in many patients, but not so in others. Even though only a few physicians would probably agree with me that Tibial Varum is present in everyone and represents the PRIMARY bio-mechanical flaw in human structure. Most have observed and questioned the bio-mechanical roles this curvature in the tibia contribute during human gait. When the knee is internally rotated and the tibia is viewed in the frontal plane the obvious bow in one’s leg disappears…confusing the medical issue. Additionally as muscle mass decreases and adipose tissue increases in the lower leg, the tibial varum (bowed legs) is more difficult to see clinically. Even so when the knee joint axis is on the horizontal plane, this is an accurate measurement technique for Tibial Varum will document approximately 20 degrees of tibial varum in all individual patients.

How Do Orthotics Treat Tibial Varum

Orthotics compensate for the tibial varum present in all human beings. If only a small percentage of the actual curvature in the tibia is compensated for during gait, only a small benefit in individual function is observed. Theta Orthotics progressively compensate with 5 degree increases in the varus wedge until individual treatment objective are achieved. Theta Orthotics can consistently provide more than 2 times as much wedge with significantly more change in gait, even complete resolution of patient symptoms.

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