Many different medical conditions can be effectively treated with Theta Orthotics: When the way you walk and stand is less than perfect, every step you take places stress on every joint, muscle, and nerve in the body.

In fact most “over use syndromes” that result in chronic pain located in the foot, knee and spine are caused or aggravated by excessive pronation (arch break down) and internal rotation (knocked knees) of the legs. Add trauma and extra body weight to the equation and the constant stress as you walk and stand eventually creates pain with every step you take.

Hundreds of websites describe how postural breakdown is the cause of pain throughout the entire body.  A few even understand that the problem begins with foot function.

Have you decreased your weight bearing activities (walking and standing), in an effort to control the pain? If the answer is yes, then  treatment that changes the way you walk and stand, can effectively treat  your specific medical condition(s).  Most of my patients have been diagnosed with both Morton’s Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis. Many of my patients have chronic knee and back pain, in addition to disabling foot and ankle pain. Many medical conditions are caused by the way we walk and stand and most patients have several chronic pain conditions. 

Orthotics change gait, control posture, and decrease your pain.

lower extremity function painfoot control neuroma pain

Treatment with hundreds of different foot control devices, for more than two hundred years, has addressed the real cause of the problem that begins with foot function. Unfortunately the amount of correction provided by these orthotic devices has been generally insufficient, as the foot continues to pronate excessively and chronic pain results from every step we take. Traditional orthotics, exercise, physical therapy and even surgery will provide only short term or very limited benefits. Effective long term treatment must create a significant change in the bio-mechanical forces that are causative. These forces generated by body mass and gravity result in most of the chronic pain syndromes diagnosed by physicians today. Certainly these destructive forces result in the degradation of human posture and all of the pathology associated with postural breakdown..

Help with chronic foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain.

If you have decreased your walking and standing activities in an effort to reduce a specific chronic pain, that medical condition is at the very least aggravated by your gait, and will respond to treatment with progressively increasing Theta angular correction. 

Stop your pain without surgery.