Are many chronic pain conditions caused by the way we walk?

Yes! In fact, most over use syndromes that result in chronic pain, in the foot, ankle, knee, hip and back are caused or aggravated by excessive pronation. Pronation is basically the collapse or break down of the arches of the foot. Even more importantly, the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, knee bone, etc.  Collapse of the arches results in internal rotation of the ankle, knee, hip, and increased curvatures in the spine. These postural changes are believed responsible, and at the very least correlated with many chronic pain conditions throughout the body.

Does the way we walk put stress on our entire anatomy?

Yes! When the way you walk and stand is less than perfect, every step you take places stress on every joint, muscle, and nerve in the body. In the same way that a belt and pully will wear prematurely if it is not in perfect alignment, human anatomy must be aligned in order to function optimally.

Can this stress, cause chronic pain in joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves?

Yes! Over time, and many miles of weight bearing activity, this constant stress especially when accompanied by trauma and genetic flaws, results in chronic pain conditions. The one common fact in all chronic pain conditions is that weight bearing activity exacerbates the symptoms, and must eventually be diminished to control the pain.

Do Orthotics change the way we walk?

Yes! Every one of hundreds if not thousands of different arch supports, orthotics, or foot control devises, attempts to restore the arches of the foot, and improve foot function. Hundreds of US Patents describe the purpose of their foot control devices, as an in-shoe device that improves foot function and decreases chronic pain.

Can Orthotics stop chronic pain caused by the way you walk?

Yes and NO!  Certainly, the intent of all orthotics is to resolve the chronic pain caused by the way we walk.  Unfortunately, they frequently fall short of clinical expectations. It is not uncommon for patients with chronic pain to observe some improvement in symptoms, sufficient to continue treatment, even though they continue to look for help from other sources. Patients often report benefits to certain types of chronic pain, with use of MANY different arch supportive devices. Chronic conditions with symptoms of nerve damage are generally NOT responsive to orthotic treatment.

Can Theta Orthotics stop chronic nerve pain?

Yes! Because Theta Orthotics are capable of changing the way we walk to levels greater than other similarly intended foot control devices, they can improve foot function, and stop chronic pain better than other support devices.  In fact, foot control with Theta Orthotics can be more than 400 percent better than provided by any other orthotics. The improved foot function generated by Theta technology is sufficient to control the cause of many chronic nerve conditions, including Morton’s Neuroma, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and Sciatica.

How do most patients control their chronic pain conditions?

The only successful treatment documented to reduce nerve pain is one that decreases weight bearing activity.  When patients are unable to control their chronic pain with medication, injections, physical therapy, and even surgery, they have no other choice but to eliminate the cause of their pain and get off their feet.

Will anything stop chronic nerve pain caused by the way we walk and stand?

Other than getting off of your feet, there is no common medical treatment that will stop the progression of many chronic nerve conditions, caused when we walk and stand. Although helpful in some conditions, many orthotics on the market, do not change the way we walk and stand sufficient to arrest the progression of many chronic pain conditions. Research with more than 14 thousand chronic nerve pain patients over the last 20 years, documents a 90 percent success rate.  Success was measured as one’s ability to walk and stand as much as they desire, without nerve pain.

How can I tell if Theta Orthotics will help with my chronic pain condition?

It’s real simple, if your pain is aggravated when you walk and stand, or if you have discontinued certain walking and standing activities to diminish pain, Theta Orthotics will help your condition.  Theta Orthotics is new research that will change the way you walk and stand, and stop your chronic pain.


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