Theta Orthotics Clinical Research: More Theta = More Help

Once theta was defined many new facts related to treatment with orthotics were identified as more than 2000 clinic patients were treated using quantified orthotics over a 20 year period.

Orthotic_corrections anglesWe soon learned that more theta correction, up to 40 degrees, produced improved walking and less pain when used to treat patients in our clinics. Only twenty years of experience with thousands of closely documented patients would teach us how the body would actually respond to long term treatment with “higher” levels of angular correction (Theta).  As we treated patients with a diagnosis of Heel Spur, Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuromas, Hallux Valgus (Bunion), Hammer Toe Deformity, Posterior Tibial Tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, Genu Varum (knocked knees), and chronic knee, hip and back pain, not only were we amazed at our success but surgery was frequently avoided.

Over a twenty year period we have been able to learn just how valuable treatment with levels of theta correction between 25 and 40 degrees really is. We now understand the physics behind the changes created with different theta corrections. Perhaps most importantly we have learned how to use this science to treat patients with a variety of medical conditions caused or aggravated by the way we walk and stand.

Research with theta over the last 22 years documents the following.

  1. The benefit of treatment with an orthotic device is significantly increased ( almost doubled) every time the angular correction define by our research as theta is increased 5 degrees.
  2. No other device used to control foot function had more than 20 degrees of wedge.( Defined by Theta).
  3. Optimal theta correction , one that fully compensates for any anatomical misalignment, was close to 40 degrees in all patients, including flat foot, flexible fore foot valgus, or cavo-varus (high arched), foot types (I never thought I would observe such a finding).
  4. Long term treatment (2 -6 months) with progressively increasing angular correction (Theta) will effectively improve foot function well enough to dramatically reduce the number of patients who went on to require more invasive treatments including surgery for neuromas, heel spurs, tarsal tunnel syndrome, pathological flatfoot, cavo-varus foot type, chronic lateral ankle instability.
  5. Long term treatment with progressively increasing angular correction(Theta) will prevent and reverse even advanced conditions of Hammer Digit Syndrome (4 little toes on both feet are pulled up, back, and into a crooked often painful position). Flexible hammer toes respond quickly (weeks to months) and even quite rigid hammer toes will respond with sufficient theta and and a little time (1-2 years)
  6. Many medical conditions are either aggravated or caused by the way we walk and stand, like chronic knee, hip and back pain, improve significantly with use of higher levels (30-40) of Theta over and extended period of time (2-12 months
  7. For every one degree of pronation that is stopped by using an angular foot control device there is one degree of internal rotation of the leg and thigh. Optimal position of the knee and hip , so as to position the pelvis squarely under the spine occurs when theta angular control functions at 40 degrees for virtually all children and most adults
  8. Although prolonged use of higher levels of theta provide an effective treatment for many common medical conditions, the most important benefit of a life long use of optimal Theta is the benefits it has on Posture
  9. Postural benefits although described by every one of more than 100 US patents, increase exponentially with every 5 degrees of Theta up to 40.
  10. We learned how important posture is to our general health.
  11. We learned that when you increase Theta you make the foot smaller in almost everyone
  12. We learned that our posture when sitting and sleeping is also important once it improves as you stand walk and run.
  13. We learned that common conditions of the spine, even those with a surgical history, often show complete or significant improvement with progressive long term treatment with Theta.
  14. We learned that the adjustments provide by Chiropractic physicians do in fact benefit posture and symptoms associated with posture.
  15. We learned that even though chiropractic adjustment is helpful, it is limited as it can only push things back temporarily , before every step we take breaks us back down.
  16. We learned a new term that we call Postural Restructuring. We learned that height levels of progressive long term theta can reverse the course of posture from what normally occurs with the people here on this planet.
  17. We learned that Theta Compensates for the misalignment inherent in our individual anatomy and as such if treatment is discontinued, everything eventually goes back to were it was when treatment was started.
  18. We learned that contrary to some common misconceptions, standard orthotics that terminate before the metatarsal heads actually strengthen the foot over time providing some additional stability even during periods of disuse.
  19. We learned that our new Total-Control design can provide all of the benefits that our standard orthtoics give during standing and walking even during activities that are mostly propulsive stage activities. (Up on the balls of your feet, running, jumping, biking, etc.
  20. We learned that when both rear foot and forefoot are controlled at optimal theta, the foot is so completely corrected that it does not compensate by getting stronger. We know this is a concern if you spend much time without your orthotics in place.
  21. We learned how important Peroneus Longus is in order to fully acclimate to the correction provided by any device especially those with higher Theta corrections.
  22. We learned that over time the foot can be molded and reshaped to the contours of a 40 degree wedge in much the same way as teeth can be moved around in the jaw.
  23. We learned that both paralytic and spastic neurological condition will benefit with high levels of Theta correction.
  24. We learned that paralytic conditions may actually respond best to a combination of both forefoot and rearfoot angular Theta control.
  25. We learned the the most important element of a shoe when wearing Theta-Orthotics is that it be sufficiently snug to hold your foot directly on top of the wedge.
  26. If the foot is permitted to slide down the wedge of the orthotic toward the outside of a shoe that is too big , friction will be created and the actual Theta correction applied to the foot will be diminished.
  27. We learned that every time you go without your orthotics thing will get worse. Full time use during all weight bearing activities and in all shoes will provide optimal benefits of the treatment regardless of the Theta correction used.
  28. We learned that once your arches and body adjusts to one theta correction it will eventually want more. Treatment with traditional one or 2 correction orthotics that could not provide an increase in correction when it is wanted and needed is often discontinued, even though help was observed initially.
  29. Eventually orthotics with enough correction become comfortable and natural. They provide sufficient benefits such that you want to continue wearing them always for the rest of your life.

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