Orthotics stop knee painI found Dr DeBrules’ you tube  post on the Internet and he like many physicians, therapists, and trainers understand the relationship between the foot and the knee. Non-weight bearing, or decreased ambulatory activity is often prescribed in the treatment of chronic pain knee pain. Unfortunately even when one understands the important role between  foot function and chronic knee pain, it is beyond current knowledge, in either the Custom/Prescription or OTC orthotic industry, to provide the amount of angular correction required to make significant change in long term disability.

Theta provides knowledge that defines a treatment that progressively increases the angular correction a t 5 degrees increments.

Each increase almost double the clinical effectiveness of the treatment.  Like your exercise specialist and the orthodontist, this progressive bio-mechanical increase in forces  generates the key to change in function that is capable of resolving very resistant symptoms and making obvious changes in long term chronic pain and disability. See how my Theta patient Brenda explains the difference between other treatments and progressive treatment with Theta Orthotics.

Theta is unique treatment that will stop your chronic knee pain.

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