Flat Feet:  Unique treatment for Pes Valgo Planus

Dr. Lane started Theta treatment 7 years ago while in his last year of medical school. He was told he needed surgery for his congenital flat feet. He currently practices anesthesiology in NY. Hear how he stopped the pain and avoided surgery.

Restore function, return to activity, and stop the Pain.

This very common condition, is recognized in the medical literature and referred to by several different names, including it’s orthopedic name, Pes Valgo Planus. Patient’s are aware that they are “flat footed” very early in life. They become aware early on that some type of “arch support” is helpful. Unfortunately they have trouble finding one that works well enough to wear full time, and if they do most wish they could find something better.

infant pes valgo planus

Pronated infant foot

Babies are normally born with very pronated, or flat feet. Some children begin to develop a better arch within a year from birth. Some of those will maintain an arch through adolescence even into early adult life. Some children never develop an arch.

If ever there was a foot type that cried out for help, the flat foot is the one.

flexible flat foot

Flat Feet

The flexible flat foot is one that may demonstrate some arch during non-weight bearing but flattens out almost completely during weight bearing. A rigid flat foot is one where the joints are locked in a flat position either from birth, caused by arthritis, after an accident, or following surgery. The poor structure and diminished function associated with the flat foot results in foot, knee, hip, back and posture problems.

Progressive angular correction is the best treatment for flat feet.

restored flat foot

Restored Flat Foot

Theta adds angular correction over time, until all symptoms are resolved, and function is restored. Complete or partial restoration of both arch and foot function is possible with time. The longer you have your problem, the longer it will take to respond. This should tell you to get started as soon as you are able. Most patients with flat feet will see noticeable benefits from this treatment, many will testify to amazing results.

Brent A. Jarrett D.P.M.

Theta Orthotics can restore your arch and stop the pain.