Research Participation Agreement


Place a Two Pair Progressive Treatment Order from this page and document your treatment for three months. If you don’t get the help you want, return all treatment products and I refund your money. Simple, effective, and risk free. Brent A Jarrett DPM

Progressive Theta Treatment has evolved out of thirty years of clinical research using custom orthotics defined by basic Theta geometry. Basically treatment begins at a tolerable yet helpful level of angular (Theta) correction. As the foot and body adjust to the changes, more correction is usually wanted, and more change is needed to stop all of the pain. That is when you consider the next higher level of Theta correction.

We currently make six levels of Theta between 12 and 37 degrees.

Every 5 degree increase in Theta takes away more pain.

Flat foot patients usually start at 12 or 17 degrees of Theta.

High arches start at 22 or 27 degrees of Theta.

Theta is progressively increased until symptoms resolve.

On average patients require 2 or 3 progressive levels of correction to resolve their Morton’s Neuroma symptoms.

Participate in my research for three months, and I stop your pain, or I refund your money.  Simple, effective and risk free.