Premium Theta Orthotics


With 3mm of full-length Neoprene cushion that encapsulates one of seven solid rubber Theta corrections, this premium orthotic works great in most all casual shoes. The correction never compresses out and the full-length design ensures proper positioning with optimal cushioning.

Patients with highly sensitive feet appreciate the added comfort of the premium Theta product. Progressive treatment with the premium product provides maximum comfort that will restore activity and stop the pain, even with advanced medical conditions.



This custom orthotic is made to work in casual shoes with or without removable in-liners.

  • Free treatment Support
  • 12-37 degrees of correction
  • Full-Length 3mm High-Density Neoprene
  • Best custom Theta treatment product
  • FREE shipping and handling

Two-Pair Option $438.00

You can optimize your treatment success by ordering a two pair (R&L) progressive treatment, at two consecutive Theta corrections. Your impression kit and shipping and handling are included. This custom product comes with a money back guarantee when you participate in our research. Learn how to optimize your treatment here.

Order Process

  1. Once we receive your custom order, we ship a Bio-Foam kit with a clinical questionnaire.
  2. You fill out the clinical questionnaire and return the impression kit back to our lab.
  3. We take up to seven workdays to prepare your prescription and ship your order with instructions.