Human Bio-Mechanics / Orthotic Design

Theta Orthotics conducts bio-mechanical research, that  first measured the angular correction in any orthotic device: Chronic foot and knee pain motivated me to search for a better orthotic. Once angular design (Theta) was identified and defined using math, it could be studied.  After thirty years and thousands of clinical cases our human generated system was replaced with a completely digital system. Digital Theta’s are the only custom product I currently produce and test.

Theta research can stop chronic pain caused by the way you walk.


Dr. Lane found Theta almost 10 years ago when he was in medical school.  See what he has to say about Theta.

Theta research is currently self funded by the sale of Theta treatment products, to both new and existing Theta research patients. The medical information and treatment advice I provide creates success and is FREE on the internet.

Dr_J_explains_Theta.I understand that many are skeptical at first, so you should know that if you just participate in my research, I provide a money back guarantee. Other than your time, the only thing you can lose by trying Theta, is your pain.  My intent is to document Theta and prove the benefits of this highly effective treatment. Call 801-651-3067 or 800-558-4382 to learn more about Theta. Brent A Jarrett DPM

New research, unique design, not available from any other source.

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Stop pain without surgery or medications.