Metatarsalgia (ie, metatarsal pain) is one of the most common reports in patients with foot problems.

flat and metatarsalsIn fact it’s not a diagnosed condition,  it’s a general term that describes any pain in this part of the foot.  The actual diagnosis could be Morton’s Neuroma, MPJ Capsulitis,  Stress Fracture, IPK (callous), or several other common conditions that can cause pain in this area. ‘The pain is confined to the area across the plantar forefoot, including the second through fourth metatarsal heads. However, it is frequently accompanied by deformity of the first and fifth rays, like Bunions and Bunionettes  as well as deformities like hammertoes.

Theta-Orthotics stops the movement of the foot that aggravates skin, nerves, and joints in the metatarsal area.


There is great variability in possible causative factors, but all of them seem to be related to gait mechanics, foot anatomy, and foot and ankle deformity.” Nonsurgical management is usually sufficient to achieve satisfactory results, according to most physicians, however when the diagnosis becomes more specific and the condition advanced, surgery is often frequently recommended.

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