Propulsive Stage Theta (PST)

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You position the PST using a template that I provide, and attach it to only one pair of shoes. It creates a powerful wedge that changes foot function and the way you walk. The benefits are limited functionally compared to my progressive custom treatment products, but believe it or not, more helpful than a prescription orthotic from your local physician. This treatment product is definitely not what is commonly referred to as a Metatarsal Arch Pad.


3 reviews for Propulsive Stage Theta (PST)

  1. Janice Chatham

    This worked well for my Mortons neuoroma but the pad is so hard that it caused A LOT of blistering and even wore a hole in my socks. I work it only in my running shoes as that was the only time I had the foot pain.

  2. Lisa

    I purchased these to use in my bike shoes where a normal orthodontic can’t fit. They provided the arch support I needed and stopped the pain and numbness I was experiencing on longer rides. I recommend them for anyone with footwear that won’t accommodate a traditional orthodontic.

  3. Susie Spair

    These definitely aren’t as helpful as the full support nor are they meant to be, but they certainly are a great option for wearing flip flops for a short time.

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