Change the way you walk, stop chronic back pain.

Theta Orthotics offers relief and treatment for chronic back pain at a level not available from any other source.  Clearly, the way we walk causes unwanted rotation of the legs with a forward pelvic tilt with every step we take.  Avoid unnecessary surgery, decrease adjustment needs, minimize medications, stand up straighter with less back pain, walk better, and feel younger and avoid surgery.

Recognize the relationship between spinal curvature, lumbar disc disease, and foot function. My personal research, along with hundreds of other orthotic laboratories and over 300 different patents, documents the relationship between foot function and back pain..

Theta-Orthotics define in mathematical terms the relationship between foot function and back pain.. Many signs and symptoms associated with back problems resolve with increasing theta control.  Angular (theta) control can now be quantified and evaluated clinically.  Theta measurements relate directly to the change in foot control observed with use of any foot control device and the symptoms associated with lumbar disc disease.

Theta relates directly with the ability of any device, custom orthotic, arch supporting/foot controlling shoe modification or insert constructed from any material, by any means of fitting or fabrication, to change foot function with weight-bearing use. With more theta corrections to offer, Theta Orthotics will take away more back pain than any other orthotic or treatment you can buy.

If you don’t fully understand how treatment with Theta Orthotics will reduce or stop your back pain. If you believe that only surgery will help, you owe it to your self to call and speak with me.  Once the pain is gone you will know it was the best choice you could make.

Lumbar disc disease, herniated vertebral discs, muscle spasms, pinched nerves, sacroiliac pain and general back pain can be either caused by or aggravated by the way you walk. Often, many patients have a history of trauma that is believed to be the cause of their back problems.  Certainly, trauma may have originally precipitated the problem but why doesn’t it heal up or remain the same with time, rather than getting worse and worse?  Why does your pain frequently feel better immediately after a chiropractic adjustment and then by the time you walk down the hall and out to your car, the pain returns?

Why is it that even with lots of exercise and  regular physical or massage therapy, back pain progressively worsens?  Why is back pain worse on the day after you spent an increased amount of time on your feet?  Why do you keep taking more and more medication with diminishing relief of your back pain? Why do invasive surgical procedures often give little to no relief from your pain?  Why does pain eventually return even following “successful” back surgery?

It should be obvious that if every time you stand and walk you apply forces that make the spine more crooked and put excessive pressure on the vertebrae, nerves, and muscles of the back.  Any value associated with exercise and therapy will be minimized to the point that problems just get worse.

Until you address the forces placed on your back with every step you take, it is virtually impossible to stabilize or decrease progressive back problems  When foot function is changed with angular corrections between 10 and 40 degrees, it is possible to gradually relieve over 90 percent of the forces that cause chronic back pain.

If you can understand this simple concept, you can understand how every step you take aggravates your back.

Stop Hip and Back Pain Today!

Live pain free without surgery or medications.