Clinical Treatment with Quantified Orthotics Design

Treatment with Theta-Orthotics is unique from orthotic treatment provided by your local physician.

Orthotic_-corrections anglesFirst: Because we have 7 different correction levels from 10 to 40 degrees this allows much more flexibility in selecting a helpful yet tolerable level to start your treatment with.  More importantly with Theta when you fully adjust to one level and determine that you want even more help, all you need do is order the next higher correction. Every time you increase correction by 5 degrees you practically double the benefits of your treatment. Increasing theta correction will provide up to 400 percent more help than any orthotic treatment with only one or even 2 correction levels.

Second: Our physicians understand that when enough Theta correction is used during all walking activity, even advanced conditions that rarely respond to non-surgical treatment will resolve completely. Because the only treatment we provide is conservative and we believe in the value of Theta, our physicians won’t be encouraging anyone to abandon orthotic treatment in favor of surgery.

Third: Most of our patients who begin treatment with Theta have already consulted with several physicians who have fully diagnosed their condition.  Unfortunately they have not been successful in treating their diagnosed conditions.  In fact here at Theta-Orthotics we provide important information about many medical conditions that are caused by the way you walk and stand.  More importantly we provide successful Treatment that is not available from any other source.  The diagnoses of your condition is not nearly as difficult to determine as a way to effectively treat your condition.

Fourth: Local physicians have very limited experience with orthotics and because it does not involve expensive surgical procedures they are not motivated to follow up in a way that will help each patient get the most out of their treatment with orthotics.  Our physicians treat over 250 new orthotic patients every month, and have far more experience and motivation to help our patients succeed than you local physician who will make much more money if the conservative treatment they recommend fails.

Fifth: Your local physicians offer NO guarantee for success. In fact  the orthotics he prescribes are usually not covered by insurance and when they fail to work he actually makes more money because you go on to more invasive procedures that insurance pay’s him very well for.   Participate in my research and you either get the help you want or a complete refund of your money.  If I fail you pay nothing.

Treatment Guidelines

Less active more mature patients who just want conservative treatment, with added support to their arch, may do very well with only one level of correction, now and for a very long time. One single level of correction will provide noticeable benefits and you can always increase correction later if you want.

Patients currently wearing other orthotics, quickly see the increased value of higher correction (theta).  If any symptoms remain after one level of correction, it is obvious that even higher correction will take away even more pain.  Increasing correction level from what is in your current orthotic, will definitely provide more help than you are currently getting, and if all you want is the same correction you are accustomed to, we can do that to.

Patients diagnosed as Morton’s neuroma generally require thirty degrees of correction before they get complete relief of their pain.  Most get some relief at the average starting correction of 20 degrees, however three correction levels of treatment is both economical and significantly more successful in resolving all of the pain.

Heel_Spur_Pain_xrayPatients with a diagnosis of Heel Spur Syndrome/Plantar fasciitis usually get significant help with the first level of correction, generally require one or two more levels of correction to resolve all of the symptoms. Even though a third correction my eventually be necessary once they resume full activity a two correction level treatment program is recommended to begin with.

When the treatment intent is to restore posture and decrease knee and back pain a three pair treatment program is highly recommended. Even though some decrease in symptoms along with a straighter posture can be observed with even the first level of Theta correction, dramatic correction worthy of a life time treatment is most obvious with progressive treatment.

run without painPatients who train daily, run more than 10 miles per week, cycle more than fifty miles per week, would do best with a treatment program with two levels of correction.  Getting the optimal level during your present level of training requires some variation during normal walking activity and a two pair program with our Total-Control will generate optimal results..

Patients with flat Feet. Treatment has to be very gradual and must start with a relatively low theta correction,10 or 15 degrees, in order to make the treatment tolerable. Many patients get significant help with one correction however generally correction must be increased at least 5 degrees before the benefits as so significant that the patient will want to wear there Theta’s full time during all weight bearing activities.  A one pair order is conservative and will be helpful but a two pair order will insure long term success.

foot control pain relief high archesPatients with high arches. Starting treatment usually has to be around 25 in order to provide sufficient help to produce noticeable benefits. Noticeable long term benefits often requiring moving up to 30 degrees before the benefits motivate the patients to wear their Theta’s for many years during all walking and standing activity.

Patients with complicated histories, or those who require a lift on a short leg, parents wanting the best treatment for their children, or those uncertain of the best choice to make, should call and speak with a treatment specialist.  800-558-4382

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