Propulsive Stage Theta (PST)

You position the PST using a template that I provide, and attach it to only one pair of shoes. It creates a powerful wedge that changes foot function and the way you walk. The benefits are limited functionally compared to my progressive custom treatment products, but believe it or not, more helpful than a prescription orthotic from your local physician. This treatment product is definitely not what is commonly referred to as a Metatarsal Arch Pad.

PRICE: 29$

High Heel / Flip Flop

One Pair
50$Two Pair

Sandal Insole

29$One Pair
50$Two Pair

BOTH: 1 pair Sandal Insole + 1 High Heel/ Flip Flop

50$Both Pairs


This NON-Custom treatment product is made to work in shoes that will not accommodate custom orthotics, like flip flops, sandals, and high heel dress shoes.

  • Work in flip flops, high heels, or dress sandals
  • Simple but powerful concept
  • Easy to attach using template
  • Ultimate light weight sports orthotic
  • NOT a “Metatarsal Arch Pad”
  • Two variations are available. High Heel / Flip Flop and Sandal Insole
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Shipping & Handling are included.
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