Theta Orthotics offers relief and treatment for pain with our custom made orthotics. If you are suffering from posture problems, find relief with our Theta support products.

Our custom fitted orthotics are manufactured with the aid of mathematical formulas and measurements taken from an impression of your feet. A unique urethane rubber construction with more angular correction, makes our custom orthotics more durable, flexible, versatile, and more effective than any other orthotic in the world.

Posture has been generally defined, frequently judged, but rarley quantified, until recently with the advent of computer assisted technology.

Posture remains today a word used by the arts, not the sciences.

Posture has been associated with beauty and grace and although frequently denied, it is recognized as a barometer of health and vitality. It is undeniably related to the aging process, the implications of which make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

Techniques aimed at improving posture, including the ballet, yoga, strength, exercise and associated breathing techniques, are well documented. All substantiate the relationship between posture and health in general.



Suffice it to say in less than 2 weeks you made a believer out of me. I didn’t think anything could have the affect on posture like I have seen with your theta-orthotics. I started at 25 degrees and worked my way up over a 4 month period to the 35’s. Every time I went up 5 degrees I could feel an additional force that caused me to stand straighter. I can actually breathe better and even my wife has commented that I don’t slouch like I used to. I can tell I will wear these amazing orthotics every step I take for the rest of my life. Thanks for helping me understand well enough to make the right choice. You can bet that I will tell everyone who wants to listen about my experience with you and your invention. 

Alex Johnson, Seaside, CA