Theta Orthotics provide relief and treatment from mild infrequent, to chronic severe back pain with our unique selection of custom made orthotics.

Back pain even with a history of injury is aggravated by improper foot function when we walk and stand. As the arches of the foot break down the knees rotate inward and the pelvis tips forward placing stress on, and increasing the curvatures of the spine. Excessive stress on the spinal vertebrae create inflammation, swelling, compression of the nerves and chronic pain.

Our custom fitted orthotics are manufactured with the aid of mathematical formulas and measurements taken from an impression of your feet. The unique theta-correction makes them far better than any other treatment you can buy for back pain. Avoid unnecessary surgery, temporary injections, and ineffective medication and frequent adjustments. It’s time to stand up straight and walk with out pain.


It’s your favorite patient Charles Hartsog, I wanted to let you know that I am doing great with much less back pain. I started with the 30’s and now wear mostly the 40’s. I can ‘t imagine going without them. I am ordering an extra set of the 40’s so I don’t have to move them from shoe to shoe. It was lucky that I found you, as no specialist here in California could give me the amount of correction that I knew I needed. Awesome product, you should come and demonstrate it at our State Fair.
Charles Hartsog, San Jose, CA