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A Holiday Letter To Theta Patients

In addition to wishing all of my research patients an abundance of joy and love during this special time of year, I want to issue a heartfelt thanks to those who have accepted and incorporated the concepts of my research into their life.  Every time we run a promotion it becomes more difficult to fill the orders with my very limited production capabilities. Those of you who did place orders during the end of November promotion, not to worry, it will soon be on its way.

Theta Orthotics can now accept FSA credit cards. You will need to call (801-651-3067) when placing an order. 

Many, long-time research patients, have expressed concerns that I might either not be able to, or not want to continue to treat patients, for as long as they might need my help. I would like to spend more time writing and teaching, but I plan to make both Theta products and our free follow up consultation, available in some form for a long time to come.

I intend to make my best Theta products available to all of my research patients, for as long as possible. 

There have been no changes in my basic research related to product design, for over 7 years. Design changes were more common during the first thirty years.  Our orthotic coverings and production techniques have changed, mostly related to the availability of materials. Basic Theta Science has not changed for 30 years. 

The last 25 years of my research has focused on documenting the first 3 months of Theta Treatment. Most who have experienced this treatment know that physical changes often continue for many years. I now want to document these, long term, biomechanical changes. 

Theta research has changed and will continue to change our gait, for many years to come.

Even when the business, clinical and production aspects of my job become overwhelming, I am usually sparked and uplifted by a call from one of you. Your expressed appreciation and gratitude for my work has motivated me to pursue Theta research for the last 37 years, and will most likely do so for the rest of my life. 

May we all use our special abilities to create the desires of our hearts.

Brent A Jarrett DPM

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