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Theta Custom Orthotics First Day

By October 10th, 2019 Treatment Expectations
Custom Orthotics

Prescription on the bottom of custom Theta orthotics

First read your instruction sheet and identify the numbers on the bottom of your custom orthotics. Most patients get two pair a few get three some only one pair. Understand that if you received multiple pair, they are all different, and the last two numbers on your prescription is different for each pair.  Make sure that the right and left are marked the same correction.  Begin first with the lowest numbered custom Theta orthotics that you received.

Theta custom Orthotics may look to big.

Your first impression may be that the orthotics look too big to fit in your shoes.  Especially in the heel area. Theta Custom Orthotics are made of rubber, they lay out flat in a wider casual shoe, and roll up around the edges to grip the foot in  a narrower or dress type shoe. Place the orthotic all the way to the back and push it straight down. The orthotics will bend around the heel counter of the shoe and remain secure during function.

Position Theta Orthotics in your shoes.

Once you have securely positioned your custom Theta Orthotics in your shoes, put your foot in and lace the shoe snugly. If the shoe is so big as to allow movement of the foot and orthotic the treatment will not work as well as it should. You will learn over a little time that the worst shoe is one that is to big. Once secured snugly in the shoe, walk on a hard surface for 5-10 minutes. Now do the same thing with the next higher correction.

If you feel like you can begin with the higher correction, do so and contact me  ASAP…

If you feel like you need to begin with the lower correction, do so and contact me in 2 weeks…

The Theta correction that you chose to begin your treatment with, should cause a tolerable pressure in you arch. Pressure under the big toe area, or central arch represents the change in forces created by your custom Theta orthotic. Average time to adjust to these new pressures is 4-8 weeks. Over just a few weeks of full time use, during all weight bearing activities, and this pressure will subside and go away completely.

Proper use of your new Custom Theta Orthotics

Proper use of course include proper placement with the right and left, front and back, and bottom and top correctly positioned. If you are not completely sure how to properly position your Theta’s you should contact our help services immediately. If placement is incorrect the treatment often will fail.

Once Properly positioned, three  factors determine your success.

  • Full time use of your custom orthotics during all weight bearing activity.
  • Use of your custom Theta orthotics in SNUG fit shoes.
  • Progression to a higher correction as the foot adjusts to the starting correction.

Full time use should be obvious, every time you go with out your custom orthotics you set your self back a little. Set your self back too much and you do not see the benefits that you want to see.

The use of our custom theta orthotics in snug fit shoes may not be so obvious to you, especially if you have a Morton’s Neuroma, but it is very important and very true. If you do not understand how you may need to decrease your size as you go up in Theta correction, you should call our help services immediately.

Because every level of correction goes up 5 degrees, it doubles the benefits of the treatment. Even though you need to begin with a lower correction, once your foot adjusts to the starting correction it wants and needs more correction to completely resolve your pain. Most Morton’s Neuroma patients require 2-3 progressive levels of correction in order to resolve there symptoms completely. The starting correction helps some, we can be assured that higher correction will help more.

Once you chose the correction you want to begin with, and position it correctly in your shoes, please wear your custom Theta Orthotics full time during all weight bearing activities. in snug fit shoes, and consult with our help services in 2-4 weeks for additional instruction’s.  Pay attention to any new pains in your feet, ankles, or knees as this treatment proceeds, and please document any changes to your primary symptoms/pain during the first few weeks of your treatment.  Your reports both contribute to your success and documentation of my research. To contact Theta Orthotics please refer to our Website.


  • christine killinger says:

    As I have been experiencing knee, hip and back pain ( have had recent falls) for some considerable time and have just obtained Orthotics. The relief has been amazing however am upset that I can only wear them in very wide fitting unfashionable shoes and was to understand there is NO option until I spoke with a friend who advised me of your company. I would like to wear my attractive slim fitting court shoes. In the ordering process it is necessary at that time to state the correction required? As I am not in position to know or can you make that decision?
    Shall look forward to your response. ( I am In the Blue Mountains NSW Australia)

    • admin says:

      yes I can accommodate cute dress shoes…no I select the correction after I receive you impression kit back…drjarrett

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