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Biomechanical Alignment Trick

By October 10th, 2019 Theta Orthotics News
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When you need some help NOW with foot and knee pain, and you can’t get to a physician because you are in the middle of a weight bearing activity. When even the guy in the ski shop has no answers as to how to keep you skiing but without foot/knee pain, try this simple biomechanical alignment trick and prepare to be amazed.

The foot functions like a three legged stool.

three legged stoolUnderstand that the foot works like a three legged stool. Put something under one of the legs and you change the sitting surface of the stool. In the same way it turns out that foot function can be changed by placing a shim or wedge under the first metatarsal.

Attach an egg shaped rubber patch directly under the big toe joint.

a_pstbrocheur2The shim needs to bend, yet compress only minimally with body weight. Inner tubes from your bike or you car tires, laminated as needed to be 4-5 mm thick will work.  Cut a shape about the size of an egg, and position and securely attach it, to the sole of the shoe directly under the first metatarsal phalangeal joint.

Tip the “stool” or foot and you change foot function.

The effect of this change in biomechanical alignment on weight bearing activity is significant and instantaneous. If you are a skier, dancer, hiker or runner, you may want to try this simple trick before you spend a lot of money or even worse, before you need to discontinue the sport you love.  Prepare to be amazed at what happens to foot and knee pain as you create better alignment during weight bearing activities with this simple trick.

Stop Foot and Knee pain with a simple rubber patch…


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