Bow legs can be visualized in most human beings. Tibial Varum

Although both internal rotation of the lower leg and excessive fat deposition, can conceal or mask the obvious curvature known as Tibial Varum, it is present and measurable in every human I have observed clinically. These photos are just a few examples of this pathological condition responsible for the bio-mechanical dysfunction of our lower extremities. Theta Orthotics compensates for this frontal plane curvature with the use of wedges. Basically the orthotic device brings the plane of support up to the foot. This eliminates excessive foot pronation and internal rotation of the leg.

Look closely at the model in the white/red/black dress her right leg clearly shows the tibial varum while the left leg that is internally rotated at the knee conceals the obvious varus curvature in the tibia.  This internal rotation of the lower leg is present excessively in many patients and so complicates the quantification of this frontal plane angulation of the Tibia.

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