Standard Theta Orthotics

All of our custom Theta orthotics are digitally designed and constructed from a durable non-compressible urethane. Each one uses measurements taken from right and left foot impressions, then manufactured to a specific Theta angle determined from your clinical history. Remove the original in-liner and position this all rubber orthotic in the shoe, then replace the in-liner back on top. Properly used under a removable in-liner, this durable and economical orthotic restores activity and stops chronic pain, even when all other treatments have failed.

PRICE: $97.00


This custom orthotic is made to be used in casual shoes that have removable in-liners.

  • Free treatment Support
  • (12-37 degrees) of correction
  • Most cost-effective Theta
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Shipping & Handling are included.
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