Do you need orthotics for flat feet?

orthotics for flat feet

Flat feet in a child

So if you really have  flat feet, you have known it sense you were a young child. You have probably been looking for some type of arch support /orthotics  for most of your life.  Many of you have been using arch supports to correct for flat feet for a significant part of your life.  Most all of you who wear some type of foot control device to aid with symptoms of flat feet, are generally looking for something that works better. Bottom line is if you have flat feet you know you that need support for your arches, but your not sure which one of the hundreds that are on the market will work best for you.

What orthotics are best for flat feet?

This is where the problem becomes very complicated. Some physicians maintain that you can not treat flat feet with “custom” orthotics, while other suggest that it is the only effective treatment for flat feet.  Many physicians now indorse joint destructive procedures with foot and ankle fusions in an attempt to control the progressive symptoms associated with this very obvious condition. Most patients with flat feet eventually seek and find some relief with one of many OTC foot control devices. Many are fitted with custom orthotics, and some of them continue to wear custom orthotics regularly during all weight bearing activities.  Those who do wear supports on a regular basis will acknowledge that they do better with less pain if they use them all of the time, but that symptoms persist.

Why Theta orthotics  for flat feet?

orthotics for flat feet

Many orthotics tried before Theta.

Out of hundreds of custom and OTC orthotics on the market, why is the progressive treatment with Theta so much more effective with flat feet?

  • If the correction in the orthotic prescribed is excessive as found in many custom products the patient with flat feet will not wear them.
  • If the correction in the orthotic is minimal the patients will wear them but see only limited benefits.
  • Unfortunately these very limited benefits are either temporary or so minimal that symptoms continue to progress.

With Theta Orthotics we start each patient at a tolerable but helpful level of correction. Once they see limited benefits and adjust to the lower starting correction we increase it by 5 degrees, which almost doubles the treatment benefits. As the patient adjusts to each correction symptoms improve.  It may take 2-4 corrections, but Theta Orthotics can restore foot function naturally for flat feet, without invasive and unpredictable procedures.