Which one of our three custom treatment products is best for you?

The Theta product you chose is not related to your condition, or history. For the most part it depends on only one thing, the type of shoes you intend to wear them in.

  • Our Standard Theta Orthotic is made to be used under the removable in-liner of a casual men or women’s shoe.
  • Our Dress Theta Orthotics do not require anything on top and they work in both dress and casual shoes.
  • Our Premium Theta’s only fit in casual shoes,  they are encapsulated with a full length cushioned in-liner.

If you wear only casual shoes with removable in-liners, our Standard is very affordable.

If you wear both dress and casual shoes you need to order our Dress Theta’s.

If you wear casual shoes only and want our best treatment product chose our Premium Theta Orthotics.