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How do you treat Morton’s Neuromas?

Treat Morton's neuromas successfully long term.

If you don’t already know, your physician has no long term way to treat Morton’s Neuromas. Even a definitive surgical excision of the enlarged inter-metatarsal nerve, is of little benefit long term. Because the cause of the problem is still present, left untreated, the odds are you will grow more neuromas. Most physicians employ a sequence of these conservative treatments before they use destructive, ablative techniques, to destroy the enlarged inter-metatarsal nerves or Morton’s Neuromas.

List of all the ways physicians treat Morton’s neuromas.

Rest, elevation, change in weight bearing activity, Ice, anti-inflammatories, change in shoe gear, both metatarsal arch pads and longitudinal arch pads, foot and ankle taping, arch supports, custom orthotics, physical therapy, multiple cortisone injections (3-4), multiple alcohol injections 3-10, all forms of ablative surgery…unfortunately even though temporary benefits may be observed with any of the above ways to treat Morton’s Neuromas, there is no long term resolution to the progression of this disabling medical condition.

Best way to treat Morton's Neuroma

What is the cause of Morton’s Neuromas?

To successfully treat Morton’s Neuromas long term you must address the cause of the problem.  Pronation of the foot as we walk and stand causes many chronic condition in the foot including Morton’s Neuromas. Until this harmful motion is significantly reduced you will likely grow more neuromas in an adjacent inter-space or on the other foot. Until enough of the pronation that occurs with every step is eliminated, it is common to get a stump or regrowth neuroma. Until you change the way you walk “well enough” your Morton’s Neuromas will progressively get worse. You will be forced ( even competitive athletes) to eliminate more and more weight bearing activities from your life. Until you get an orthotic with enough pronation stopping correction, your condition will gradually get worse.

Successful way to treat Morton’s Neuromas.

My last 35 years of research has Identified a way to gradually change the way you walk, until you can be as active as you want to be without the pain. I learned how to change the way you walk and stand significantly better than I could with any of more than one hundred other arch supports/custom orthotics. When I had and orthotic design that could eliminate enough harmful pronation, I realized for the first time that I could treat Morton’s Neuromas with orthotics.

When I learned how to design a series of orthotics with enough correction to actually treat Morton’s Neuroma successfully long term, it put me out of business as a surgeon. Truth is it’s not your fault that you have not been able to find a successful way to treat your Morton’s neuromas. Until I developed this technique to treat Morton’s Neuromas there wasn’t a successful way to treat Morton’s Neuroma.

Brent A Jarrett DPM


  • Ina says:

    I have custom-made orthotics that are not helping the Morton’s neuroma I have now what’s the difference with your.

    • admin says:

      theta orthotics use a progressive treatment that increases the angle of correction
      making them work up to 400 percent better than other orthotics…theta orthotics will stop neuroma pain
      and as you report others will not. drjarrett

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