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Successful treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

By July 14, 2018 July 17th, 2018 Theta Orthotics News
keep walking stop morton's neuroma pain


When the cause of Morton’s Neuroma is understood, and reduced significantly during all weight bearing activities, patients can resume walking, running and standing without pain. The wrong way of walking (poor gait) is at the root of many chronic pain conditions in our lower extremities, including several nerve conditions in the foot and leg.  Morton’s neuroma, Joplins Neuroma, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and even Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) are all caused by the way we walk, and will respond to an aggressive change in foot function.


I was desperate, and my right foot hurt.
I had been feeling numbness in my toes that turned into pain when hiking, and was diagnosed with a neuroma.   After trying other orthotics and treatments that just didn’t work, I discovered Theta Orthotics. After several months of faithfully wearing the Theta Orthotic inserts, I am able to hike again.  Last month I hiked the 192 mile Coast to Coast trail in Northern England, pain free.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Kim Patton
Chattanooga Tennessee


 I am 74 and have been using Theta-Orthotics for 10 years.

I was experiencing terrible pain off and on for five years due to Morton’s neuroma. I saw two podiatrists.  One gave me a shot.  The other one fitted me for expensive custom orthotics. I still felt like my feet were walking on hot coals. I considered surgery, but was informed that sometimes this only results in a different nerve becoming inflamed.  I  came upon Theta-Orthotics via an Internet search and figured, “what do I have to lose.”

Because the Theta Orthotics provide a great deal of arch uplift, you need to gradually work up to your ideal strength.  This took me about 3-4 months. But I began to notice substantial improvement even with my “break-in” prescription.

After about six months, all of my neuroma pain went away, and I have been using my Theta Orthotics ever since – in my street shoes, my golf shoes, my tennis shoes, you name it.  By restoring my arch to its original configuration, I went from wearing  12 EEEE shoes back to my original size of 10 ½ EE.

You’d think other companies or podiatrists would be copying Dr. Jarrett’s approach, but I haven’t seen any orthotics like his. If you are experiencing Morton’s neuroma his orthotics are a godsend.

Sincerely, Ed Shineman


My name is Chris Ladd.  I am a very fit and active 59 year old mom and grammy, and I live in Florida with my husband.  We love to rode bike, elliptogo, jog, go hiking and snow skiing.  I have suffered with a severe hiking with morton's neuromaproblem of neuromas in both feet, and they became so painful they ruined a snow ski trip as the pain made it so unbearable I had to be carried off the mountain.  I thought I would never be able to ski again, but then I found Theta Orthotics.  I wore my Theta Orthotics every day for a couple of months in preparation for my next snow ski trip, and I was thrilled to find out that not only did they work they absolutely cured my problem 100%!  I was able to ski all day, every day with no pain whatsoever!  It is important to note that I also did make sure that I wore a “boy’s/men’s” ski a size larger than my size so that they were wide and did not squeeze my toes at all.  I completely understand anyone’s hesitation to order off the internet an unknown product, but I swear to you this is one of the best decisions I ever made and I’m so grateful I did.   I have two pairs of Theta Orthotics.  I keep one pair in my Elliptiog/jogging shoes and the other pair in my road bike shoes.  Just pop them out to take hiking or skiing.  Pleeeease do not hesitate to get yourself a pair and do it today – do it for yourself!
Sincerely, Chris Ladd
Don’t let Morton’s Neuroma stop you from enjoying everything life has to offer…Hope for you from Theta Orthotics!

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