Return Policy

Theta Orthotics return policy for our NON-Custom Treatment Products is complete refund of the product purchase price. Return the treatment products to 8461 S Regalia Rd, SLC UT 84121.

Theta Orthotics  return policy for Custom Treatment Products.

Brent_A_Jarrett_DPMCurrently you can purchase our Theta Treatment Products without research obligation and without a Money Back Guarantee .

Or you can participate in our Theta Research  and get a Money Back Guarantee should you determine that your treatment was unsuccessful.   

Theta research is currently self funded by the sale of Theta treatment products to both new and existing Theta research patients. The medical information and treatment advice I provide creates success and is FREE on the internet.  Call 801-651-3067 to learn more about Theta and how I can help you. Brent A Jarrett DPM