Premium Theta Insoles

Premium Theta Insoles use Theta technology to provide a mild correction, similar to other premium insoles. The big difference is that the relatively mild 12 degrees of Theta correction never compresses out. It is made to work in casual shoes, and it provides a forefoot cushion as good as any product on the market. It’s what I call the ultimate NON-custom Premium Insole.

PRICE: 99$

Shoe Size



This NON-Custom treatment product is made to work in shoes that will not accommodate custom orthotics, like flip flops, sandals, and high heel dress shoes.

  • Simple fit by your shoe size
  • Never compresses out
  • 5 mm Full Length High Density Neoprene Cushion
  • Ultimate light weight sports orthotic
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Shipping and Handling included with this One Pair (R&L) order.
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