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Morton’s Neuroma patients find non-surgical help.

By July 17, 2018 July 24th, 2018 Morton's Neuroma, Theta Orthotics News
Treatment for Morton's Neuroma


Dear Dr Jarrett. I want to share my testimonial. My podiatrist had been giving me steroid injections for the neuromas in both my feet. The pain kept getting worse. He said, he could only administer a limited number of injections. I would eventually need surgery. But that was before I found your website and purchased you orthotic inserts. They have been life changing , when I wear them I have no pain. It has been 3 yrs now and I have not had surgery. Dr. Jarret,  I can’t thank you enough for developing these inserts.
Sincerely, Gina Anderson


Hi I bought orthotics a few years ago. I have Morton’s Neuroma tried the foot Dr. had 6 cortisone shots did nothing I saw an ad for orthotics had them made immediately when I put them in my shoes the pain was gone. Best thing I ever ordered. Thank you Theta orthotics . Linda




I wanted to give you an update on my progress. I recently moved up to the 27-5, and adjusting to it very well.
I’ve not had any more pain due to Morton’s Neuroma.
I love my insoles and I’m very pleased with the success I’ve had! I’ve given your website info to my doctor.
If I could make a suggestion, I wish I could wear flip flops/ sandals again. Maybe you could design and produce some? Just some food for thought.
Thank you!


Contrary to everything else you hear, Morton’s Neuroma can be healed.  I have now treated over 14 thousand Morton’s neuroma patients over the last 30 years.  It is not always easy but I believe my success rate is well over 90 percent.  When you consider that long-term success with surgical treatment for neuromas of the foot is less than 10 percent, this unique non-surgical approach is often described as a life changer. Dr. Brent Jarrett




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