Progressive treatment with Theta Orthotics stops pain when others have failed.

Early research with quantified orthotic design, identified a significant relationship, between specific angles and  foot function. Basically every 5 degree  increase to the varus wedge almost doubled the clinical benefits of the orthotic treatment.

Orthotics control neuroma pain

Treatment which begins with a tolerable but helpful level of correction is gradually increased as the foot and body adjusts to the new way of walking. When correction is high enough and gait is changed significantly, conditions aggravated or caused by gait, resolve and chronic pain is eliminated.

If a patients wears an orthotic from another source, I know if I provide a Theta orthotic with 5 degrees more correction, I will significantly improve the benefits derived from use of the device.

Progressive treatment generates help in many conditions that are rarely resolved or helped with traditional orthotics. In the same way that orthodontists progressively increase the tension on the patients braces to achieve the end results they desire, treatment of the foot benefits from multiple increases in the pitch of the wedge measured in any orthotic device.

Progressive treatment is unique to Theta, and provides up to 400 percent more help.

Can orthotics cause pain as they provide the help you need?