biofoam foot neuromaBioenginered Foam Impression Neutral position Non-weight bearing Slipper Casts, and Standing weight bearing lateral x-rays, can all be used to fit a prescription custom foot control device.

The biofoam impression system that we use to get the information necessary to fabricate your custom orthotic device, is a simple and accurate way to get the measurements and arch contours we require.

We can also get the information that we need from neutral position non-weight bearing slipper casts. These are the types of impressions preferred by most podiatric physicians.

Certainly some of the information about arch characteristics would be different between non-weight bearing impressions and partially weight bearing impressions. As long as our physicians and technicians here at Theta differentiate between the different measurement techniques, a proper prescription can be made.

biofoam impression kit orthoticsneutral position cast orthotics

Improved foot function with a custom device just begins with an accurate impression of your foot. 

The biofoam impression technique I use on the internet is quick, clean, and easy to get right.

Our current research protocol prescribes only Digital Theta Orthotics. Both foot contours and angular corrections (Theta) are defined mathematically, and saved in 3 dimensional software files. These 3 D files are then printed on a Rapid Prototyping Printer. Molds are made from the printed parts and used to create our Digital Theta’s.


The same Measurements that we have taken from biofoam impressions, neutral position non weight bearing (Root) casts, and lateral weight bearing x-rays, for over 25 years are used to custom fit our new digital treatment products today.

Biofoam impression kits are included with each custom order.

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