Twenty years of experience treating internet patients with Theta Orthotics.

I first started treating patients over the internet about 20 years ago, and exclusively on the internet about 15 years ago. I send an impression kit with a form that has the same 20 questions I would ask if you were here in front of me.  Additionally we communicate via email and telephone throughout your treatment, until you successfully meet your treatment objectives. After more than six thousand internet patients, I am just as successful on line as I am in person.

Your local physician is a good diagnostician…

Most of my patients have been well diagnosed by other physicians. Because your chronic pain is caused  by the way you walk and stand, treatment with medication or physical therapy at best covers up symptoms once caused. Even so, your specific diagnosis is not all that important, in fact I don’t need to know that you may have several similar or different diagnosis in multiple locations of the foot, ankle or knee, from one or more physicians, like so many of my patients often report.

a_foot_pain_foot painALL I need to know is that activity on your feet aggravates your condition, just a history of decreased activity to accommodate pain, and I know I can help.  ALL that I do is change the way you walk and stand, and when I can change the way you walk and stand enough,  then I can treat you without ever seeing you even without a definitive diagnosis. More important even, than my seeing you, is for me to know that when you walk and stand it aggravates your  chronic symptoms. Brent A Jarrett DPM

Ultimately  Theta changes the way you walk, and stops the cause of your chronic pain!