Frequently Asked Questions about Theta OrthoticsĀ  and Morton’s Neuroma.

Most of the patients who call for help have read quite a few pages related to their specific condition, Theta science, and our patient testimonials. What they most commonly want to know is, can I help them, what they should order, and how do they get started?

The answers to these questions contain a permanent solution to your chronic pain, even if it’s Morton’s Neuroma.

Stephanie wanted to believe that I could help her, mostly she was skeptical how I could help her without seeing her. She read every page on my site at least twice, and called more times than I want to remember, finally she trusted me enough to let me help her. Her comments should resonate with many of you who are looking for help, but don’t really believe I can.

How can you treat a patient without seeing them?

If you seriously want help, read, call (800-651-3067), or just get started now with cost-effective treatment that will keep you walking, and stop your Morton’s Neuroma pain.

Important answers to our most commonly asked questions about Morton’s Neuromas and many other conditions.