MRI Diagnosis Inter metatarsal Morton’s Neuroma

MRI is the definitive diagnosis for Morton’s (Inter metatarsal) Neuroma.  Long before a mass is well formed on the inter-metatarsal nerve, the patient reports numbness in the web space. AS the nerve condition progresses and sharp shooting/burning pain becomes the dominant symptom. Chronic inflammation swelling results in a large mass that can be diagnosed clinically and easily identified with MRI. As good as your local physician is at diagnosing Morton’s Neuroma, he doesn’t have the digital technology (Theta) to treat your nerve pain. Fortunately you found one on the internet that does. Change the way you walk and stop the pain.

MRI Morton's Neuromainter-metatarsal_nerve_pain

Diagnosis of Morton’s neuroma, weather it is with MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), or clinical examination and clinical history, is the easy part of this progressively disabling nerve condition.  Because the cause of the problems is the way you walk and stand, and every step you take irritates and inflames the condition. Physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, may provide a little help but it is only temporary until you resume walking.

Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma is unsuccessful for most physicians. Unfortunately even “permanent” procedures where the neuroma is removed or the nerve is destroyed using chemicals, cold, laser, radio-frequency or surgical excision, the same wrong way of walking that caused the first one will cause more neuromas in both feet.  The only way I know to treat the cause and stop the progression of the disabling condition is to progressively change the way you walk.   My personal recommendation is that you get started with a two pair progressive treatment and get back to walking and standing without pain from every step you take. Brent A Jarrett DPM

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