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stop poor posture
August 25, 2018

Poor Posture: Theta research explores an effective treatment.

Is poor posture a significant concern?

August 14, 2018

Can Morton’s neuromas grow back after surgery?

The answer to the question, can neuromas grow back after surgery, is unequivocally YES…

run with morton's neuroma
August 3, 2018

Susie’s Boston Marathon Story: Morton’s Neuroma Treatment Success

Theta Orthotics Testimonial from Susie M, Rockledge, FL In continuation with our patient highlight of the month, the team at Theta would like to highlight Susie for August.

succesfull treatment for morton's neuroma
July 24, 2018

Andrea’s Story: Successfully Treating Morton’s Neuroma In Both Feet

Thirty five years of documented research After decades in practice, hearing patients say they’ve finally found relief thanks to Theta treatment remains one of the greatest motivators of my work.

Treatment for Morton's Neuroma
July 17, 2018

Morton’s Neuroma patients find non-surgical help.

  Dear Dr Jarrett.

October 25, 2016

Biomechanical Alignment Trick

When you need some help NOW with foot and knee pain, and you can’t get to a physician because you are in the middle of a weight bearing activity.

keep walking stop morton's neuroma pain
July 14, 2018

Successful treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

  When the cause of Morton’s Neuroma is understood, and reduced significantly during all weight bearing activities, patients can resume walking, running and standing without pain.

biomechanical alignment causes pain
October 21, 2016

Why Skiing Causes Foot / Knee Pain

Foot and knee pain: The real reason people quit skiing.